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원피스 다이브 센터 (One piece dive center)

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score 4.8

One-Piece Diving (Moon Jung-sun)

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• Event-only package

  1. One-Piece Diving (Moon Jung-sun)

    • One-Piece Diving (Moon Jung-sun)
    • old price : $1,120
      Special Price : $1,120

Extra service

Additional Service
 facility Lecture Room, Restaurant
 Language Korean, English
 diving Night Diving, Technical diving
 Equipment rental Possible
 Communication WiFi
 Support gas Nitrox
 Diet Korean
 pick up Free
 method of payment Cash, Account Transfer
 Billing currency USD, PHP

Resort usage guide

Nearby attractions

• 마젤란 십자가
• 산토니뇨 성당
• 탑스힐
• 아얄라 몰
• SM몰
• 산페드로 요세
• 세부시티 카이 리젠시 타워
• 마트 : 그랜드몰(15분), 샹스(10분), 세이브모어(15분)
• 음식점 : 약 40여개(20분거리 이내)

Location / Access


One piece dive center, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu, Lalawigan ng Cebu, 필리핀

How to get there

• 무료 픽업
막탄 국제 공항 픽업 후 약 15분 소요.

Cancellation refund policy

Cancellation Policy and Refunds
Cancellation date Refund amount
Reservation day Full refund (except point / coupon payments)
From the day after the reservation to 31 days before the start of travel Refund after deducting 10% of total charges (excluding point / coupon payment)
From 30 days before the tour to 8 days before the tour Refund after deducting 20% ​​of total charge (excluding point / coupon payment)
Cancellation 7 days before the trip and NO-SHOW No refund

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grade 4.8

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  1. k2eeexdq 2018-09-22
    score 4

    Cebu Mactan's best price-performance diving shop

  2. bumchul77 2018-09-10
    score 5

    I went on vacation, and I simply solved the airport pick-up by connecting to the message
    I don't know if it was newly completed, but the accommodation was very clean
    Lucky girl, living in a dive. Right now, it's reality... It's going and going again

  3. september 2018-09-07
    score 5

    The instructor is the best! I had so much fun diving
    I wish you all the best

  4. ggoma 2018-09-03
    score 5

    I don't know if the accommodation was built recently or if it was under construction, but it was very clean and clean
    He took care of me with his family, so I went with my friend and he was comfortableCame
    Especially, the trainer's charisma and kindness were good, and the staff were kind
    I want to go to Cebu one more time with my friend

  5. Stardiver 2018-08-26
    score 5

    The resort is so clean. It turned out that the construction was done recently
    It's refreshing and clean
    The atmosphere was good, and the diving was good because the atmosphere was exciting every day, but the people I went with were excited
    He's good at guiding, and the staff are all kind.