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다이브비앤비 (DIVEBNB Resort)

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A safari boat that is pleasant to live and dive in the Maldives!
Ride: Perfect luxury and comfort! The outdoor deck allows us to set up a dining area for a pleasant dinner. Seven employees will do their best to provide you with amazing service quality. The main deck has a large living room, so you can relax and enjoy a wonderful view. We also invite you to enjoy the sun deck and sunset at the sky bar.

Nine cabins that can accommodate 18 divers can be found on Theia's three decks: two suites, two suites, and one cabin on the middle deck. The deluxe cabin (double bed and single bed) as well as the four double bed and single bed cabins are on the lower deck. This beautiful, quiet, luxurious, clean and spacious ship will allow you to find Maldives water in the best conditions.

You can move to various Maldivian dolls. From north to south, you will meet whale sharks, manta rays, giant turtles, and amazing flocks of fish.

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  1. 던 - 오로라

    • 오로라는 인도네시아 술라웨시 섬에 건설된 길이 42m의 피니시이다. 그것은 그의 전통적인 매력을 유지하면서 현대 보트의 모든 장점을 제공한다.
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Aurora is a 42-meter-long finish built on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It offers all the advantages of modern boats while maintaining his traditional charm.
Aurora offers nine constant cabins with twin or double beds with individual air conditioning and daily cleaning services to accommodate up to 18 people.
A friendly crew of 18 will welcome you aboard the Aurora. They will also take care of the in-flight service so that you can have a good experience.

Aurora sails from the Indonesian archipelago all year round, offering guests the opportunity to discover wonderful places.
Whether you're a diver, a snorkel, or just an explorer looking for new ground, amazing landscapes and turquoise waters await you. After the unforgettable diving experience and all the unique discoveries the experimental guide will share with you, you can relax in the aurora. From the aurora. There.

Aurora's chef will be responsible for filling your stomach by preparing Indonesian, international or vegetarian specialties according to your preference.
The Aurora crew hopes you will have an unrivaled experience at every stage of your cruise, and your trip will be an unforgettable memory.

Aurora provides baths and beach towels on board.
Please let me know in advance what form of dietary intolerance or allergies you have.
The amount paid on board is cash (euro, USD, Indonesian rupiah, etc.) or credit card (surcharge 3%).
The tip is as usual and will be welcomed by the crew.

16 guests

40 meters

nine meters

18 people

8-10 knots

8 cabins with individual air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot and cold water, bathrooms and beach towels, daily cleaning service

diving equipment
2 compressors, 12L aluminium tank with yoke/DIN
15L tanks and Nitrox tanks are available upon request.

You can also rent the diving equipment you need on board.





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