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다이브비앤비 (DIVEBNB Resort)

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A beautiful 30-meter wooden schooner made for your dream Indonesian will guide you to Indonesia's best diving spots, including Raja Ampat, Senderawash Bay, Triton Bay, and Banda Sea (Maluku). Part of the Coral Triangle, the area is Indonesia's most diverse diving destination and can take cruises all year round.

Calico Jack combined the ancient tradition of the Bugis wooden shipbuilders with the new shipbuilding industry. Born on a beach in southern Sulawesi, the team works closely with artisans to design a thoroughly modern experience for its guests, but is also full of historical and outstanding woodworking skills.

Visually, Calico Jack is a pure tradition, but you can enjoy comfort and service with hot water, air conditioning, and private bathrooms.
Both diving and snorkeling equipment, nitroke, kayaking and SUP boards are available.

Comfortable cottages, delicious food, friendly staff, charging stations and land-based island/beach activities make your vacation unforgettable.

Through years of operational experience across Indonesia, we can faithfully advise on the best diving sites, underlying conditions, birds and marine life.
We have regular flights twice a month for more than 10 months every year.
The diving boat can accommodate 10 guests in 5 comfortable rooms with AC and suite bathrooms, with flexible configurations between the two and single births.
Our cruise director has 13 years of experience in liveboarding in Indonesia and speaks English, French, Spanish, and Indonesian.
The guide professional to diver ratio is 1:5, and the diving instructor always follows the group to supervise the requirements and ensure safe diving. We believe that it is necessary to ensure that each guest is comfortable and safe.
Two diving guides and a diving instructor are perfect spotters and can help you at any time during diving.
We have two speedboats ready to take you safely to Indonesia's best diving destination.
Each cruise ship has a variety of inland and non-diving activities to complete your live board holiday experience in East Indonesia.

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  1. 칼리코 잭

    • 칼리코 잭(Calico Jack)은 인도네시아에 본부를 둔 아름다운 다이빙 크루즈입니다. 인도네시아의 아름다운 물을 나르는 편안함과 안전을 위해 33m의 전통 목선입니다. 최대 10명의 손님과 8명의 승무원을 동반한 Calico Jack은 B 주변을 매우 편안하고 안전하게 여행할 수 있습니다.
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The Calico Jackbeen is stylish and comfortably furnished throughout, with all the modern facilities you can expect from a premium live board. Maximum boat capacity is 10 guests in 5 comfortable live board cabins.

The communal space includes a large gallery with a large outdoor dining area, a salon, diving platform, and a sunbed-decorated sun deck terrace. The comfortable lounge area is perfect for socializing, and the oversized, pushy bin bag is perfect for relaxing with books or taking a breezy nap between meals and diving.

There are 2 double bed cabins, 2 double or single bed cabins, and 5 unique cabins to choose from 1 twin cabins.

Each room is fitted with:

a private bathroom
a hot shower
Air conditioner
Individual fans to ensure the comfort of our guests
Towels and Toilets
Charging station with CEE7 standard electrical socket




sports fishing gear
snorkeling equipment
Surfing equipment
inflatable biscuits
Kayak doubles. x2
Wakeboard! Wakeboard!

With diving gear:

a suit of all sizes
twenty diving tanks
three compressors
Computer diving
Diving Instructor/Dive Master


Electric socket CEE7 standard: 220 volts
Projector screen
iPod connected sound system
a board game
a cushion/bean bag/hammer
Sunbed. x4
Ratan Lounge for 8 people




Cruising speed: 7-8 knots Top speed 12 knots
Engine: 2 x 220 Hp Mitsubishi Diesel
Fresh water: 5 tons per day
Fresh water storage: 5 tons
Voltage: 12V and 220V overall
Maximum Total Passengers: 10
Crew: 8 + 2 Dive Guide + 1 Cruise Director

Length (LOA): 30 m (98 ft)
Kill: 15 m (45 ft)
Beam: 7m (20ft)
mast: 2 × 20 m (60 ft)
Sailing area: 300 m2 (900 ft2)
Tonnage: 90 tons
Wet: 2.5 m (8 ft)

Navigation & Safety

2x Life raft: cap. 20 + Pax
Life vest: 20 pieces
Life ring buoy. x5
Fire extinguisher. x12
an oxygen tank
First aid medical supplies
a satellite phone

Length (LOA): 30 m (98 ft)
Kill: 15 m (45 ft)
Beam: 7m (20ft)
mast: 2 × 20 m (60 ft)
Sailing area: 300 m2 (900 ft2)
Tonnage: 90 tons
Wet: 2.5 m (8 ft)

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