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다이브비앤비 (DIVEBNB Resort)

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You know there's a grade on the rib board, right?
There are approximately $1,500 to $3,000 starting, and Ocean Divine is a luxury rib board priced at $3,000 (US$340 per night +++10%SC + 8% GST)
The inclusion is the same as any other rib board. Includes diving and board excursion
French couples live on this boat and stay with customers without a diver master, all guided by a German French instructor and free-diving course, and 14 people have a luxurious spa massage at the maximum, and the chef's cooking is also a luxury lifeboard. Especially, it is a rib board that is loved by rich Europeans and surfers.
20 years ago, I came to Maldives alone and lived on a deserted island for 3 years, ate and slept on a small boat, lived like Robbins Krus, and went to Turkey to make this ship myself, and then produced this Ocean Divine by myself for 3 years. It reminds me of Noah's Ark.
And I met my wife, who was a guest, and now I live on a boat with my cute daughter, Dunne. She is a very unique and wonderful character.
I'm a free-diving instructor, so I can teach you free-diving if you want.
For more information, please watch it on TV and pay attention to it if you want a honeymoon or luxury.

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  1. 오션다이빈

    • 프랑스 부부가 직접 관리하며, 부유층 유럽인과 서퍼들의 사랑을 많이 받는 리브어보드입니다. 별점
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Diving 3 times a day for a total of 17 meals a day and 2 shares accommodation
Single charge is 80%
Airport Pickup Drop-off Service
Mineral water and coffee or tea
Maldives Bad Tax
the Rockal Island Tour
Tours and shopping in Mallet City
Deserted island barbecue party (island entrance fee not included)
a small speedboat called a diving donny and a dangi


GST Maldives Tour Government Tax 12% Airplane Ticket Diving Insurance (DAN)
Diving Equipment Rental Additional Diving Internet $20 per week
Crew tips cost $7 to $10 per beat.Beer, cocktail juice, etc
Children under 12 years of age are 50 percent DC
When three people share a room, the third diver has some DC
100% cancellation charge for cancellation within 30 days
If you cancel it, it's a 30% cancellation charge



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Cancellation refund policy

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