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The Roatan Aggressor IV is a 120-foot yacht with a 22-foot beam. She cruises at 10 knots on diesel power and has 110 volts of power, and is built and driven for comfort, safety, and stability. There are one master suite with queen beds and eight deluxe stator rooms, of which seven have double and single beds, and one has two twin beds. Climate control, private toilets and showers are available in all rooms. Roatan Aggressor can accommodate up to 18 people in privacy and luxury. She has a spacious, air-conditioned salon and restaurant, a sun deck with a hot tub, a lounge and deck chair, an outdoor music system, a shadowy cocktail deck, grill, and a computer for editing guest photos.

Diving amenities include nitros (unlimited to $100 per week), individual diving lockers, camera tables with low-pressure air hoses, and two hot, freshwater showers on the diving platform. The Roatan Aggressor has an in-flight safe for storing valuables such as passports, cash, credit cards, and everything else.

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    • 베이 아일랜드는 가파른 벽, 불가사의한 난파선, 거대한 통의 스펀지, 그리고 매혹적인 매크로 생물로 세계적으로 알려져 있습니다.로탄은 세계에서 두 번째로 긴 배리어 리프인 메소아메리카 배리어 리프 시스템에 위치해 있습니다. 이 광대한 암초는 광범위한 해양 생물을 끌어당기고, 베이 제도에 물고기와 다른 해양 생물의 건강하고 다양한 개체군을 제공해, 진정한 다이버들의 천국이 된다.
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Deluxe Stateroom - Deluxe features a double bottom bunk bed and a single top bunk bed with dedicated heads and showers, port holes, individual climate control, media player monitors, USB/110V outlets and hair dryers.
ROOM - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Rm size: 8'6" X 6'8"
Top Single: 30" x 84"
Double: 53"x73"

Master Stator Room - No individual climate control, queen bed with dedicated head and shower, monitor with media player, USB/110V outlet, hair dryer port hall.
Room -1
Rm size: 11' x 10' feet
Queen: 53 x 75 inches

Twin Stator Room - Two twin beds in Twin Stator Room #2 and #3 each have a dedicated head and shower, a port hall, an individual climate control, a monitor with a media player, a USB/110V outlet and a hair dryer.
Room - 2 & 3
Rm size: 7' x 6' 2"
Top Single: 30' x 84"
Bottom Single: 43" x 73"



All stations have air conditioning and private bathrooms and showers. A refreshing breakfast and afternoon snack is served with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Free drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) are available on board. The yacht is equipped with a 110 volt/USB outlet and a hair dryer in each room. Linen is replaced during the week and fresh towels are provided at each station as needed. Includes filled tanks, weight and weight belts.


The $145 port/park charge for seven nights will be collected in cash earlier this week. All in-flight purchases, including courses, boutiques, etc., are subject to a 19% VAT. The yacht accepts MC/visa and cash. Dive insurance, travel insurance, honorarium, airport transfer, hotel transfer, extra dive, nitrox, nitrox course, rental gear, scuba diving course, snorkel gear.


It is manufactured and maintained in accordance with the regulations of the flag country as well as the specifications of the local regulatory body.
⦁ Length: 120 ft.
⦁ Beam: 21
⦁ Passengers: 18 people
⦁ Stator Room: 9
⦁ Boarding: Saturday at 3:30 p.m.
⦁ Checkout: Saturday at 8 a.m.
Since 1989, Honduras has been the destination of invaders.

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Cancellation refund policy

Person: If cancelled:
20% of the charge will be forfeited more than 121 days prior to departure.
40% of the charge will be forfeited 120-91 days prior to departure.
100% of the charge will be forfeited within 90 days before departure and no refund will be possible.

Group (half-group or higher): Group booking cancelled:
A deposit of $1,500 may apply to new individual or group bookers at least 9 months prior to departure. If you choose not to apply to the new booking, $1500 will be forfeited.
A $5,000 deposit will be forfeited 9 months to 181 days prior to departure.
40% of the group fee will be forfeited 180 to 91 days prior to departure.
100% of the group fee will be forfeited within 90 days before departure and no refund will be possible.

Group (half-group or higher): If the number of travelers is less than the original reservation:
Reservations can be reduced to one paid user more than 9 months prior to departure, reducing/losing free space.
20% of the charter rate per passenger cancelled 9 months to 181 days prior to departure will be forfeited and free space will be reduced/lost.
40% of the fare per passenger cancelled 180 - 91 days prior to departure will be forfeited and free space will be reduced/lost.
Within 90 days prior to departure, 100% of the charge per person will be forfeited and free space may be reduced/lost.

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