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The M/Y Golden Dolphin III is a new addition to the Golden Dolphin Live Board fleet, and was built in 2008 with all the needs of divers in mind. Only 20 people can be accommodated in 10 rooms. Each room has an air conditioner, a minibar, and a private bathroom. Six twin cabins on the main deck, two twin cabins on the top deck, and two double cabins with king-sized beds on the high deck provide more natural light through the huge window. The air conditioning salon throughout the lower deck is equipped with an entertainment system, a bar and a beverage station, and a restaurant. The Sundeck has a second bar and a shaded lounge, making it an ideal place to rest after a day of diving. Skydeck features a comfortable lounge for sun worshippers.

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  1. M/Y 황금돌고래 III

    • M/Y Golden Dolphin III – 잠수부의 심장을 더 빨리 뛰게 하는 보트!스타일과 혁신의 완벽한 조합은 2008년에 지어졌으며, 첫 여행부터 라이브 보드를 타본 모든 다이버들에게 깊은 인상을 주고 있다.
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Twin cabins - 8 twin cabins (6 on main deck and 2 on top deck) have air conditioning, mini bars and private bathrooms.

Maximum capacity: 2 people
Bed Composition: Twin (2 Single)
Bathroom Connection: Yes
Aircon: Aircon with indoor control

Double cabin - 2 stator rooms with king size bed, air conditioning, mini bar and private bathroom on top deck.

Maximum capacity: 2 people
Bed Composition: Double Bed
Bathroom Connection: Yes
Aircon: Aircon with indoor control



⦁ Transmission
⦁ Stay on board 6/9 or 13 nights/day
⦁ Full ride during cruise (only on the evening of arrival and departure date)
⦁ Soft drinks, tea, coffee, water
⦁ Diving 3-4 times a day (diving 2 times on the last day)
⦁ 12 tanks, weight, guide,
⦁ Last night (7th/10th or 14th night) at the 4* hotel "HB-BASIS" (depending on boat schedule!!)
⦁ Nitrox free (32% in 12l tanks)


⦁ ⦁ Depending on routing: package price (included) Visa 25 euros, based on 03.06.2020 (Note: Visa price may change)
⦁ ⦁ 15l tank or other addition (equipment, etc.)
⦁ ⦁ Concentrated air at 32% on demand


Manufacturing year: 2008
Length: 40 m
Bo: 8m
Rooms: 10 double rooms with air conditioning, minibars, private bathrooms, 8 twin rooms (6 main decks, 2 upper decks) and 2 rooms with king-sized beds
Salon: A spacious, air-conditioned salon with DVD, video, TV and sound systems on the lower deck
Deck: 1 diving deck with platform, 2 sun decks
Water: 2 desalination systems, 4500l
Engine: 2 K19 Cummins, 750HP each
Generator: 2 100 kW (230V) Perkins
Compressor: 2 L&W 280EC, 1 Mattei LP ERC 507l
Connections: VHF, DSC (Area I and II), Satellite EPIRB, Satellite Phone, WIFI
Tank: 12l Aluminum Tank DIN/INT, 15l Tank on demand
Zodiac: 2 Zodiacs with outboard engine
Safety: 2 life vests and 2 life vests, oxygen and first aid, fire extinguishers in all rooms and salons, fire and alarm systems, smoke detectors

Location / Access

Cancellation refund policy

Resignation and Cancellation via Golden Dolphin Safari World - You may terminate your travel contract before or after the start of your trip if:

a) without meeting the deadline
Regardless of the continuous warning from Golden Dolphin Safari World, it is justified that travelers can immediately terminate the contract by interfering with the execution of the trip or taking measures against the terms of the contract. Golden If Dolphin
Safari World stops traveling and maintains travel price requirements. However, savings and value must be considered. Another use of requirements that do not take into account the performance achieved by the service provider (including dose contributions)

b) Until two weeks before the trip
Do not reach the minimum number of participants agreed in writing or officially. If the invitation to bid for the trip is designated as the minimum number of participants. Anyway, Golden Dolphin Safari World is obliged to inform this fact.
Customers should be provided with travel guidance on cancellations immediately after entering non-actual conditions. The customer will immediately receive the deposited travel price back. Golden Dolphin Safari World should make it clear that it is already unable to contact a small number of participants earlier, and should inform customers of this.

In lieu of resignation or cancellation, the travel may be carried out for the applicable specific flight contract surcharge if the traveler declares additional approval.

c) Four weeks before the trip
If all possibilities for the Golden Dolphin Safari World are exhausted and the implementation of the trip is not valid, it means two trips because there are too few travel reservations and economic victim alert costs surrounding the Golden Dolphin Safari World. However, there is no right to cancel the Golden Dolphin Safari World, and if she has to represent a consequential situation (e.g., miscalculation), an equivalent preliminary proposal proven to have led to their resignation will not be submitted to the traveler.

For this reason, if the trip is cancelled, the customer will immediately receive back the price of the trip they booked. In addition, if you do not use Golden Dolphin Safari World's special offer, you can receive a full refund of the reservation fee.

Cancellation due to abnormal conditions - Both Golden Dolphin Safari World and Travelers may terminate the contract if it is not a force majeure, threat or damage expected before the end of the contract.

When the contract is terminated, Golden Dolphin Safari World can demand appropriate compensation for the production of travel performances until it has already been produced or the journey is completed. In addition, Golden Dolphin Safari World is obliged to take necessary action if the contract obliges the traveler to return it. The additional cost of the back promotion is half borne by the parties. For the rest, additional costs are a burden to travelers.

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