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다이브비앤비 (DIVEBNB Resort)

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Inspired by the Art Deco design, MY Anemone welcomes guests in luxury and style for pure adventure and fun, such as great cuisine, modern equipment, water toys, and entertainment, while exploring the world's famous Red Sea regions and regions.

Key Features
⦁ Construction in 2022
⦁ 4 decks, restaurants, salons, bars on top decks, 2 wide sunny sun lounges,
⦁ 14 beautiful rooms with air conditioning
⦁ Two AC salons with TV, DVD, free WiFi and sound system
⦁ Excellent food, well-trained friendly crew
⦁ 32% of Nitros
⦁ Weekly cruise available for groups (all charter) and individuals at Hurghada & Port Galib

Navigation, Communication and Safety
⦁ GPS plotter, echo lot, VHF, radar
⦁ EPIRB, fire alarm, smoke detector, fire extinguisher
⦁ Life jackets and fire extinguishers in each room
⦁ First aid kit, oxygen x 250l tank
⦁ life raft 2p x 25 packs each

Facilities and services
⦁ C deck, restaurant, salon, bar, sofa, chair, sunbed, 2 sun lounges with table
⦁ 2 Salon: Sundeck with main deck and entertainment equipment: TV, DVD, audio
⦁ Restaurant: 1 lower deck restaurant
⦁ bar:one bar on the sun deck

⦁ Large dive deck with charging station
⦁ Compressor: 2 Daewoo, 320l each
⦁ Nitrox Membrane: FREE Nitrox
⦁ Zodiac: 2 x 5.5 m, 25 hp each
⦁ ⦁ 32 x 12l ALU
⦁ Dive Guide

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  1. 마이 아네모네

    • Art Deco design에서 영감을 받은 MY Anemone은 Art Deco design에서 영감을 받아 편안함과 스타일로 손님을 맞이합니다. Art Deco design에서 영감을 받은 Anemone은 순수한 모험과 재미를 위해 편안함과 스타일로 손님을 맞이합니다: 다이빙 사파리, 카이트 사파리, 크루즈, 그리고 이 모든 것들에는 흠잡을 데 없는 요리, 현대 장비, 물 장난감, 그리고 세계를 순항하는 동안 즐길 수 있는 오락이 포함됩니다. 가장 유명한 홍해 유적지와 명소들. 모험과 재미: 완벽한 요리, 현대 장비, 물 장난감, 엔터테인먼트를 제공하는 다이빙 사파리, 카이트 사파리, 크루즈, 그리고 모든 것이 세계의 유명한 홍해 유적지와 명소들을 순항하는 동안.
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Number of guests: 28
Number of suites: 4
Number of twins: 10
All rooms are located on the main & upper deck.
All rooms are air-conditioned individually, with bathrooms and showers.



Group airport 2 trips, A/C and 7 nights in luxury rooms, Advanced 5* food & beverages (3 open buffet, water, tea, instant coffee, juice, snacks, unlimited during the day), bathrobe/linen/towel, free toiletries, hair dryer, free, 3-4/12 scale tanks/belt; First aid kit; 2 trained staffers;


Flight Visa, Equipment/15l Tank Rental, Course, Alcohol and Natural Coffee (Bar), Massage, Service Fee ,80, Ocean Park along the route, Fuel surcharge ,50, Additional Transfer, Private Insurance, Personal SIM Card, Personal Medicines and Sanitary Items, PCR Test.


⦁ Length: 40 m
⦁ Width: 8.4 m
⦁ Material: Wood
⦁ Engine: 2 Mercedes, 650 hp each
⦁ Generator: Caterpillar 2x80KW
⦁ Fuel capacity: 10t
⦁ Water volume: 14 tons
⦁ Desalination unit: 1x5t per day
⦁ Sewage Treatment Unit: 2

Location / Access


Cancellation refund policy

• 30% payment term for all cancellations
• 50% due in case of cancellation 6 months prior to the date of service
• 75% must be cancelled 3 months prior to boarding date.
• 100% to be cancelled 6 weeks prior to boarding date
• The percentage is calculated based on the total charter cost, not the deposit received.

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