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Aqua Tiki 3

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The in-flight amenities include kitchen bars and video lounges in a square as spacious as the hotel, a comfortable library, and direct access to the outside lounge. Delicious home cocktails are served in the outdoor lounge in front of the boat every evening. A cockpit that blocks sunlight with a huge roof, only for customers. There is a table for up to 10 people, and all meals are served. The cockpit has a refrigerator bar, a guest ice maker, and an outdoor planner grill to prepare for fresh fish on board. Stairs lead to an upper deck (sun deck) or sunbath where passengers can find a second lounge.

Finally, the two trampolines in front, which are usually very popular, make it possible to use the sun's rays.

There are always three or four professional crew members on board. Crews provide in-flight meals and services, and professional captains and one or two BEES diving instructors plan cruising, diving, water and land activities.

AQUA TIKI III is strictly non-smoking for everyone's convenience. Smokers can smoke on the coast during their trip or in annexes, but they will have to pick up their buttocks.

Two acoustic generators and an inverter supply 220V 24 hours a day and European plugs to each cabin to ensure edge electricity production!

Each cabin has an air conditioning (generator running) and an efficient fan. Of course, for your own safety, this ship has state-of-the-art navigation technology including MAXSEA, GPS, AIS, radar, distress signals, computer navigation systems via survival rafts
The latest communication system to maintain connectivity even at the farthest atolls: VHS with onboard WIFI networks and iridium standard C telephone communication.
Propulsion is provided by 230㎡ sails (GV + Genoa) and Genker, providing a very pleasant voyage. In the event of wind failure, two 150 horsepower engines remain in standby.

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2 modular cabins (double/twine)
a double-decker room
2 TV Hifi DVD with double cabin VIP and front tip available.
Each room has a dedicated bathroom (including cold water and hot water) and an automatic WC (including fresh water).



Aqua Tiki 3


Aqua Tiki 3


Propulsion is provided by a sail of 230 m2 and two 150 HP motors and has a gas oil tank capacity of more than 1000 litres.

Powerful generators and inverters continue to supply 220V to ensure the production of edge electricity, and 220V outlets in each room can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With sails placed, Aquatici Aquatici has a stockpile of more than 800 liters and two desalters of 190 liters per hour, making it self-sufficient in fresh water (there is no fresh water distribution in Tuamotu).

Of course, for maximum safety, the ship has the latest navigation equipment and technological advances: autopilot, GPS, BLU, VHF, computer navigation center, radar, standard C weather, and Sasat distress signal lights.

The catamaran is well equipped with a hi-fi system with independent sound systems in each room, as well as a CD library, a television and video recorder, and a DVD with a video library. A library where you can find documents on seabed animals, polynesia, navigation, and so on... There are a lot of games that you can enjoy at night.

Phones, wireless Internet connections, and satellite faxes allow you to keep in touch under any circumstances, even on the other side of the globe!

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, 대한민국

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Aqua Tiki 3

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