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Calypso Galapagos Live Board

Beautiful Architecture, 2019 Rebuild for Natureists and Diving Cruise
the Galapagos Islands

Calypso was completely rebuilt from the keel. motors, generators, compressors,
Rooms, hair salons, restaurants, dive decks, sun decks... Everything is new and fresh
Modern. Everything is designed efficiently with the comfort of divers in mind.

Galapagos Diving:
Scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands is not only related to sharks, but also to pure seas.
the abundance of marine species Every year, the Galapagos are considered the healthiest animals.
Marine environment. In addition to sharks, there are dolphins, penguins, orca, and mullahs.
Moras, Mantas, Iglei, Moblas, stingray, sea lion, turtle, barakuda,
Jacks, many tropical reef species as well as endemic marine iguanas.
And it doesn't start to cover everything you'll see when you dive in the Galapagos!

Deck Plane & Boat Specifications:

• Sundeck: You can access the Sundeck from the back stairs.
Use these stairs if you're wet on the dive deck. On the sun deck, you can find it.
Not only jacuzzi, BBQ, bar, fresco restaurant, lounge chair,
Bench seat area with cushion.

• Upper deck: Upper deck is accessible from the hair salon steps
Stairs on the dive deck. Rooms 1 through 6 are on the upper deck.
The bridge and the captain's quarters are also on the upper deck. In front of
It is a small outdoor bench seating area on the bridge.

• Main Deck: Our salon has a seating area with a big TV
A place where you can have a briefing. The place to eat is a restaurant. They have it.
The 24-hour coffee and tea station yacht also has a bar behind the salon.
At the back of the restaurant, there is a space for using and charging computers.
Rooms 7 and 8 face the bow on the main deck. It's a aftermath
The door is a diving deck. Right outside the door of the dive deck,
You will refill the water bottle.

The diving deck has a large three-stage stainless steel camera table and a large camera.
Camera rinse tank with shallow side for GoPro, dry battery charge
Area, diver station, 4 hot water shower, toilet and shelf
You know, hanging up a swimsuit

• Lower deck: On the lower deck, there is a gallery, crew quarters and
Machine room. Rooms 9 and 10 are located on the deck below with the gallery.

Dive deck:
The Calypso Galapagos have a wide diving deck. Each stainless steel diver station has the following:
a storage box The stainless camera rinse tank is deep and the state of charge is dry.
The area with a shelf where the battery can be mounted. Most of them are 110 volts, but they are.
There are about 220 outlets. The large stainless camera table has three stages. a diving deck
There is also a bathroom, a towel heating room, and four hot showers.
Each diver has a separate diving station. Warm towel distribution after each dive
You'll have numbers Only use towels for hygienic continuity.
The number matches the room number. Don't take this towel
Return to your cabin they are only for use on the diving deck.

Built-in equipment:
• DIN Adapter
• Nitrox (additional cost)
• HOSE Rinsing
• a diving deck
• a bid for diving
• Side Mount Diving
• a shady diving area
• 2 rib bands (cub)
• 2 diving guides (1 per 8 people)
• Individual Diving Stations
• Equipment rental (additional cost)

How about the food you eat on the plane?
They serve a continental breakfast before you go on your first dive, and then a full breakfast.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are now served individually to ensure COVID-19 safety.
It is divided into two groups: precautions. They work on the international stage.
Ecuadorian cuisine with fresh local produce and seafood. have a snack
And drink hot drinks after each dive. You can eat fruits, candies, and snacks all day long. They are
Virtually all dietary requests (vegetarians, vegetarians, gluten-free, etc.) can be accepted.
All you have to do is submit it to us in a timely manner The request is included.
Diver reservation form 90 days prior to arrival

It has various safety features such as smoke/temperature.
Alarms, sprinkler systems, multiple fire extinguishers on each floor,
Emergency lighting, bilge pump systems, searchlights, horns, life vests and life rafts
There are also first aid kits, oxygen kits, neck guards, stretchers, and two defibrillators. their crew
It is trained and certified to deal with emergencies. All rooms have safety deposit boxes
For your peace of mind.

Liveaboard product reservation

Product details

• Liveaboard-only package

  1. 칼립소 갈라파고스 라이브보드 다이빙

    • 칼립소 갈라파고스 요트 - 갈라파고스 라이브보드 다이빙 최고 수준
    • old price : $5,695
      Special Price : $5,695


Onboard Accommodation:
All rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, and air conditioning. a lodging house
Switch to one king-sized bed or two twin-sized bed cabins (except one).
Located on the lower deck.
• Main deck: 2 cabins (convertible beds) 140ft//13.5m,, restaurant, bar, social
Areas, Diving Platforms
• Upper deck: 2 cabins (convertible bed) 120ft//11.2m,, 4 cabins (convertible)
Bed) 130 feet / 12.2 m12
• Sundeck: Jacuzzi, fresco dining and social space
• Lower deck: 2 cabins (Twin only) 120ft//11.3m²

All rooms have TVs with on-demand entertainment, both video and audio. that
The Sundeck has speakers for music. The salon has a big TV for briefings and movies.
And we have a special treat - we can stream the marine life below us that is anchoring.
Salon TV.

Manufacturers with zero carbon emissions supply clean water, so you can use it easily.
Use faucet water to brush your teeth. Drinking water is provided in the cooler.
And in Ecuador, you don't put toilet paper in toilet paper
The boarding is no different. It goes into a closed trash can next to the bathroom. bags
They are biodegradable. It is collected several times a day from the room.



Accommodations for boarding during the cruise
All-Diving, Bilingual Park Certified Dive Guide
Weight, weight belt, air tank, SMB, diving alarm and Nautilus lifeline
All in-flight meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
Galapagos Airport Transfer Departure Date
(Note: Prices of beer, wine and liquor are available at the bar.)


flights to/from the Galapagos
National Park Admission ($100pp)
INGALA Visitor Traffic Control Card (20pp)
Compression Chamber Cost (35pp) *
**Nitrox (200 dollars), Scuba Gear, Computer (required)
Meals, drinks, and thanks at Puerto Ayora
* * High pressure chamber usage fees contribute to chamber maintenance. It's not insurance.


Build: 1991 Rebuilds 2018
Length: 35.4 m / 117 ft
Beam: 8m/26ft
Engine: 2 Cummins NTA855-M, 400hp, 1800rpm
Generator: 2 Cummins 6B-CP, 99kw, 60Hz
Compressor: Bauer Verticus Model VAC20-E3, 5000PSI
Cruising speed: 11 knots
Electricity: 110 & 220V
Fresh water: 20,000 L / 5,000 gallons
Fuel capacity: 29,000 L / 7,200 gallons
Hull: Navy Steel
Upper structure: Naval steel, aluminum and fiberglass
Capacity: 11 crew members, 16 passengers

Location / Access


Cancellation refund policy

● Flights to/from Galapagos
● National Park admission fee ($100), TCT visitor card ($20), recompression room fee ($35)
● Equipment - Full kit rental is $300 Rental includes BC, regulator, wetsuit, pin & booty, mask.
The rental fee for the ● computer is $100.
If the ● equipment is damaged, the diver will pay for the replacement.
● $50 Diving Alarm
● $40 for small businesses
● $250 for the Nautilus Lifeline.
● $75 for badge weight belt
● Personal expenses and tips are not included.
● Diving insurance and personal insurance. While in Ecuador, it is recommended that you take out cancellation, travel interruption, accidents, medical care, baggage loss and equipment (if applicable) insurance.
● PCR negative 96 hours before arriving in Galapagos.
All charges on board ● are subject to a local 12% VAT.
The ● onboard card charges are subject to both VAT and administrative fees of 5%.

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