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In November 2018, MV Smiling Seahors sailed for the first time. Its steel hull is much better adapted to the waves than its wooden hull, and its two superior engines allow it to explore further into the unknown. Although the 25-meter-long, 6.4-meter-wide ship was larger than the previous one, eight bedrooms and toilets divided into four decks still can accommodate 16 people.

The top floor of the boat is the ultimate lounge space. It features an outdoor living room and a shaded space with hammocks, and you can rest in the shade, play cards, or take a nap during sleep. If you prefer to absorb some light, the front of the boat is open and equipped with Thai-style seats and mats to create an ideal sunbathing space. It is also a good place to enjoy the tranquility and tranquility of the open sea while looking up at the stars.

The upper deck is divided into two parts. A multi-purpose shared room near the back of the boat serves as the main assembly point. Delicious meals are available, snacks and drinks are available 24 hours a day, a meeting with the diving team for pre-diving briefings, and check the Marine Biology Library to see the amazing creatures you've seen, or sit down and relax in cushions. There are two bars on either side of the boat with four large tables and chairs for comfortable eating, playing games, or studying diving course materials. There is also plenty of counter space for snacks and buffets, and a compartmentalized eco-friendly waste/recycling treatment system is provided in a full-sized refrigerator and restaurant space filled with items. At the back end, there is a large cushioned lounge, ideal for a comfortable nap while diving. The communal rooms are big and well designed to relax or hold small dance parties to celebrate cruise success!

Diving Deck of MV Smile Seahorse
Each diver can use a center panel with masks and auxiliary accessories, a Nitrox analyzer, and multiple cubby holes for the logbook. All divers have baskets for their fins, boots, and weight belts under each diving tank, and there is also a dedicated space for hanging your wet clothes and laundry tanks to remove salt from your precious scuba toys.

In this meticulously crafted space, the pleasant and professional staff waiting to jump off the diving board to the sound of a buzzer will treat you like a royal. They also have special fin-friendly ladders, so you can easily return to the boat.

They also provide specific species and whistles that are available to all divers to help you make the most of your diving experience. They mix NITROX on board, customize it to the depth of the next dive, and can use a 15L tank on request. If you forget your coral hook or need a new logbook, you can provide a DIN adapter and have a reasonable range of equipment for rent or purchase.
Don't you have any equipment? No problem. If you let us know in advance, we will install MARES rental equipment when you arrive.

MV Smiling Seahors is equipped with a security device.
In the MV "Smiling Seahorse," safety and security are paramount when fish and fun are life. The boat is equipped with radar, sonar, GPS, VHF/DSC/SSB radio, and position beacons for accurate navigation. Other safety features include lifeboats, life vests, GSM and CDMA telephones, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, emergency oxygen, certified oxygen and paramedics. They even installed video cameras in the engine room to check if the ship's lower abdomen was working well.

The diving deck and the photographer's corner
Finally, there is an impeccable diving deck. They know how important it is to have a well-planned and structured diving deck when sharing space with other divers because they are divers themselves.They designed the area to optimize space and provide a special place to meet the needs of all divers.They keep the diving group small and reserve each group's gear-up and entry time so that the already wide diving deck does not move too many people at the same time. While your group prepares to dive, the next group will have a safety check, and the next group will have to swallow water for the last time during a diving briefing upstairs.

In the music video for "Smiling Seahorse", everyone is VIP. There are two communal bathrooms on the diving deck for regular room guests.

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Master Cabin - Two master suites sit right in front of the boat, with windows looking ahead and a stunning view of the road ahead. These rooms are suitable for couples seeking a more intimate romantic atmosphere.
Maximum number of people: 2 people
Bed Composition: Double Bed
Bathroom Connection: Yes
Aircon: Aircon with indoor control

Deluxe Cabin - There are four cabins with separate toilets and hot shower rooms. Each room can be equipped with a double bed or a double bed. All stator rooms have air conditioning and doors to the outside, so you can enjoy the beach breeze and scenery!
Maximum number of people: 2 people
Bed Composition: Double or Twin
Bathroom Connection: Yes
Aircon: Aircon with indoor control

Standard Cabin - There are two cabins on the upper deck. Each room can be equipped with a double bed or a double bed. All stator rooms have air conditioning and doors to the outside, so you can enjoy the beach breeze and scenery!
Maximum number of people: 2 people
Bed Composition: Double or Twin
Bathroom connection: No.
Aircon: Aircon with indoor control



Shared Room Accommodation (2p/cabin)
Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner
All soft drinks, drinks, filter coffee & tea
Fresh fruits, yogurt and snacks
a twelve-liter fellow CYLINDER, WEIGHT AND WEIGHT BELT
PADI Pro Diving Guide / 4 Divers
Towel, reef-friendly shower gel, shampoo, conditioner
Sea kayaks and hammocks
Diving Lamp for Night Diving


a national park fee
personal diving insurance

Diving Equipment Rental (600 THB daily)
Computer rental (300 THB per day)
alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
15L cylinder rental (250THB/day)
PADI Continuing Education Course
Nitrox Refill (250THB/Tank or Package)
Black Water Dive (500THB/Diving) Options
Photographer Coaching
Personal Guide 2500 THB/day
Taxi, plane ticket, hotel to Lanon


Manufacturing year: 2018
Length: 25 m
Maximum number of people: 16
Number of rooms: 8
Number of bathrooms: 8

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