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You know there's a rating on the rib board, right?
There is a large scale from $1,500 to $3,000 and the Ocean Divine is a luxury ribbed board with a price of $3,000 (US$340 +++10% SC+8% GST per box)
The inclusion is the same as any other rib board. With Diving and Accommodation Excursion
It's a really luxurious rib board where French couples can live and stay with guests, all guided by German French instructors, and learn the free-diving course without a diver master, and 14 people can use the luxury spa massage at maximum, and the hotel chef's cooking is just a few. Especially, it is a rib board loved by wealthy Europeans and surfers.
He came to Maldives alone 20 years ago, lived on a deserted island for 3 years, ate and slept on a small boat, and went to Turkey to learn ship techniques and produced this ocean divine for 3 years. He was famous for his documentary. It reminds me of Noah's Ark.
And I met my wife who was a customer and now I live on a boat with my cute daughter, Dune. She is a very unique and cool character.
I'm a free-diving instructor, so I can teach you free-diving if you want.
For more information, please watch it on TV and watch it with interest if you want a honeymoon.

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    • It is managed by a French couple and is loved by wealthy Europeans and surfers. a horoscope






Three times a day diving, a total of 17 plus three meals a day and 2share accommodation.
The single charge is 80 per cent.
Airport Pickup Drop Off Service
Bottled water, coffee or tea.
Maldives Bad Tax
Local Island Tour
Male City Tour and Shopping
Uninhabited barbecue party (excluding island entrance fee)
A little speedboat called Diving Donnie and Dengi.


GST Maldives Tour Government Tax 12% Airplane Ticket Diving Insurance (DAN)
Diving Equipment Rental Additional Diving Internet $20/week
What you ate for $7 to $10 per crouty gourd.Beer, cocktail juice, etc.
Children under 12 years of age are 50 percent DC.
If you use a room with three people, the third diver has a little DC.
100 percent cancellation if canceled within 30 days.
If you cancel before that, you'll cancel.



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, Maldives

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