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Peter's Dive Resort (Peter's Dive Resort)

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Peter's Dive Resort opened in January 2001. After several exploratory dives at Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos, and Southern Leyte in 1999, Peter and Rosalina decided to build a diving resort here. This is the history of Peter's Dive Resort.
Since then, thousands of divers have visited the resort and many have been repeat customers. There are many reasons, but first of all, it is easy to get from Cebu Airport by fast boat, and access to the resort from Tacloban Airport. Secondly, diving has two large bancars that can easily cope with various extreme situations. Our experienced and delicate dive master guides us through three to four dives a day, including night diving. As a PADI dive center, you can receive open water-master training from our experienced instructors, and before exploring the sea, beginners can practice to gain confidence in our resort's 3-meter deep swimming pool.

Peter’s Dive Resort first opened its doors in January 2001. After a couple of exploratory dives on the shore at Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte in 1999 the owners Peter and Rosalina decided that this was the place to build a dive Resort. The rest as they say is history.
Since then thousands of divers have visited the resort and many have been repeat customers year after year. The reasons for this are many. Firstly it is easily accessible from Cebu by fast craft and both Tacloban and Cebu airports make it easy to get to the resort.
For diving, facilities are second to none with two heavy duty Banca boats to handle even the toughest conditions. Three to four dives including night dive are offered each day by our experienced and attentive dive masters.
For students, as we are Padi Dive Center our experience Instructor can offer open water to dive master courses and for beginners we have the 10 feet deep swimming pool to gain your confidence before venturing into the ocean.

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  1. Bungalow - Standard1 (Twin)

    • • • Bed : Single 2pax
      • • persons : 2
      • • air conditioner, bathroom
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $29
    No. of rooms
  2. Bungalow - Standard2 (3 Single)

    • • • Bed : Single 3pax
      • • persons : 3
      • • air conditioner, bathroom
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $29
    No. of rooms
  3. Bungalow - Duplexes

    • • • Bed : Queen 1pax
      • • persons : 2
      • • air conditioner, bathroom, TV
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $33
    No. of rooms
  4. Bungalow - Family Cottage

    • • • Bed : king 1pax, single 1pax
      • • persons : 3
      • • air conditioner, bathroom, TV, Mini fridge
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $40
    No. of rooms
  5. Bungalow - Deluxe

    • • • Bed : twin beds
      • • persons : 2
      • • air conditioner, bathroom
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $51
    No. of rooms
  6. Condo - Deluxe

    • • • Bed : Queen 1 pax
      • • persons : 2
      • • air conditioner, bathroom, TV, mini fridge
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $63
    No. of rooms
  7. Bungalow - Full House

    • • • Bed : King 1pax, single 4pax
      • • persons : 6
      • • air conditioner, bathroom, TV, Mini fridge
      • • non-smoking
    • Price per night : $90
    No. of rooms

Extra service

Additional Service
 facility Pool, Lecture Room, Restaurant, Laundry Room/Service, Bar
 Language English
 diving Night Diving
 Equipment rental Possible
 Communication WiFi
 Support gas Nitrox
 Diet Local, American
 pick up Paid
 method of payment Cash
 Billing currency USD, PHP

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Peater's Dive Resort, Lungsodaan, Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, 필리핀

How to get there

Cebu - At Mactan Airport:
1. Take a taxi from the exit of the arrival hall to Pier 1.
2. Take the Weesam ferry that departs at 6 a.m. and arrives at Maasin at 9 a.m. every day.
3. You can ride an air-conditioned private vehicle provided by the resort at Maasin (approximately 1500 pesos in 45 minutes),
You can also take a jeepney to Padre Burgos. (50 pesos)

At Tacloban Airport:
You can come by requesting a resort-only vehicle. (4,000 pesos in approximately 4 hours)

Cancellation refund policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy
If you have made a reservation through Dive BnB and then canceled it for personal reasons
60 days before tour start 45 days before tour start 30 days before tour start
30% cancellation in case of cancellation
50% cancellation in case of cancellation
100% cancellation fee in case of cancellation
(*Transferable to others)
※ Please note that this is a cancellation policy implemented by most liveaboards.
Rules for product cancellation
This product is a product that is sold after securing a room with an airline in advance.
We inform you that special terms, not standard terms, apply. In case of application of special terms,
Cancellation fees higher than the standard terms and conditions may be charged.
Please check.
Special Terms and Conditions (Special Provisions in Article 5 of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Overseas Travel)
The product is sold after paying the corresponding cost in advance, and the English name of the person making the reservation is
From the moment they apply to flights/hotels/transports, special terms and conditions apply.
※ Product cancellation must be received within the business day (Mon-Fri 09:00~18:00 / excluding public holidays).
Applications received outside of business hours are excluded from the contract cancellation notice date.
※ In case of cancellation of travel due to injury, illness, hospitalization, death, etc. before the departure date, proof of [diagnosis certificate]
Refunds are possible based on this, and please submit supporting documents within 7 days of the departure date. (only,
In the case of products to which special terms apply, there may be some non-refundable parts.)
※ Product contractors must pay cancellation fees (including travel agency personnel costs) in connection with contract cancellation.
You may request specific proof and explanation from the travel agency, and the travel agency will not provide relevant explanations and evidence.
If there is a difference between the cancellation fee regulations and the cancellation fee, it will be refunded.
However, if the penalty does not exceed 10% of the total travel cost, proof will not be presented.
Minimum number of departures
1. This program can depart when the minimum number of departures is 12 or more.
2. The Company may not use the same level of shipping company if the minimum number of event participants is not met.
There is. This must be notified to the traveler 15 days prior to the start of the trip.

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  1. jiny 2019-10-14
    score 5


  2. gassannupuff 2018-10-12
    score 5

    Peters is love
    I've never seen Peter of Peters before lol
    Kindness that is not excessive, and understanding whether it is because many Korean divers have gone
    You can't catch up with any foreign resort in the Philippines.
    I'm sorry for the long dive time LOL
    If you don't expect a lot, you can just use the room without any inconvenience.
    The sea right in front of the room. Swimming pool but little to go.
    It's convenient because there are a lot of places to prepare for diving. Cleaning the equipment is also inside the building, so it reduces sweat
    It's not that the food is delicious, but it's just edible. If you get sick of it, you can cook ramen and eat it at least once, so I recommend you take enough corrosion.
    Diving, eating, enjoying and coming at this price. It's just Peters

  3. divegirl 2018-09-07
    score 5

    My love, Peters
    Many foreigners go there, but Peters is also famous for Koreans despite the hassle of trying to visit famous by visiting Koreans.
    Better cost-effectiveness than this, it's hard to find in the Philippines.
    The room condition is excellent compared to the price, and the food is good.
    However, it is okay to take Korean food, but order a proper amount of restaurant food and eat it together.
    (Don't pack everything and eat it)
    Because the sea was very close, my roommate kept waking up early in the morning because of the sound of the waves.
    But I was so tired of diving that I never heard of it.
    The staff are so kind. I think everyone who's heard of Peters already knows
    Anyway, this time, good!

  4. Divelove 2018-09-02
    score 5

    Oh, it's a shame the score is out of 5
    Just a cost-effective place, price, kindness, guidance, system, there's nothing I don't want to compliment.
    I learned why my acquaintances are Peter Spitters this time.
    Honestly, it's also a place that I don't want to know much about. It hasn't been long since I started diving, but I wonder if there's another place where coral is so beautiful.
    I think I've been to the Philippines more than five times so far, but the coral condition was the best.
    It's a place where I really didn't want to go out, and I always felt sorry for the diving time.
    I went to a foreign shop for the first time after going to a Korean shop, and I knew what I wanted because many Koreans went there, and it was friendly.
    If I have a chance, I'll go to the best season again.

  5. younghyun 2018-08-27
    score 4

    I was nervous at first because it's a foreign shop, but all the staff members are kind and take good care of me.
    The disadvantage is that there is nothing to enjoy around the shop, but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a quiet place.
    And... Each point is a coral... It's so pretty.

  6. diveholic 2018-08-27
    score 5

    Diving system: A long distance point 2 tank in the morning and a short distance afternoon 1 tank group can use Banca alone, and 3 long-distance 3 tanks are also possible.
    Diving time: Diving for more than 100 minutes as much as air is consumed.
    Underwater environment: Live coral, more likely to meet whale sharks during the season. Good macro point
    Recommendation point: Napantao, Jetty Night Diving.
    Meal: There are quite a lot of restaurant menus and the taste is good, but I recommend taking a lot of food (fried sweet potatoes JMT)
    Resort: very, very close to the beach in the form of a bungalow, you can massage in your room.
    Recommended for those who want a quiet rest because there is nothing to enjoy around. The cost-effectiveness is the best!

  7. chloe 2018-08-23
    score 5

    The price is good!
    The room is clean and everyone is very professional.
    Food comes out well (although there's nowhere to eat)
    If you want to see a whale shark, use a latte!
    Peters, I'm gonna use it from time to time