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147-A Sanjose Anilao , 필리핀

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Hello, I'm Lead Marine.
Reed Marine is a comfortable resort 2 hours drive from Manila, Philippines.
The resort is directly adjacent to the sea, so you can see the wide and blue sea from the resort
It is a beautiful resort where you can see the sunset lying on the sunbed in the evening.
Our resort has comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a diving center
All rooms have air conditioning so that guests can stay comfortable and comfortable
Water is being used to supply water smoothly, so there is no problem in taking a shower even if multiple people use it at the same time.
At the Dive Center, you can receive systematic training from the world's leading diving association, PADI, from the best instructors. Please make a lot of inquiries.
The diving boat is the largest diving boat in Anilao, and it will be the best environment for comfortable and safe diving.
Lastly, our staff promises to serve you comfortably with the first motto of kindness.
Come to Reed Marine, Anilao's comfortable resort!

Diving product reservation


• Accommodation Included Package

  1. [ROOM] Single room + Fun diving

    • • Room type: Single room
      • Number of people: 1 room per person
      • Diving: Boat diving, guide
      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • 1 day price : $130
  2. [ROOM] Double room + Fun diving

    • • Room type: double room
      • Number of people: 1 room for 2 people (single charge $20)
      • Diving: Boat diving, guide
      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    • 1 day price : $130

Extra service

Additional Service
 facility Pool, Lecture Room, Restaurant, Massage Room, Laundry Room/Service, Bar
 Language Korean, English
 diving Night Diving, Technical diving
 Equipment rental Possible
 Communication WiFi
 Support gas Nitrox, Trimix, Rebreather
 Diet Korean, American
 pick up Paid
 method of payment Cash, Account Transfer
 Billing currency USD, PHP

Resort usage guide

• On-site payment
- Distance point: 40 USD (5 people or more)
- Additional diving after package diving: 30 USD (price per tank)
- Admission fee by point, camera charge, park admission fee, etc
- Night Diving (boat) for 4 or more people.

Nearby attractions

Location / Access


147-A Sanjose Anilao , 필리핀

How to get there

• Pickup fee (on-site payment):
- Airport: Manila Airport 100 USD (approximately 2 hours) *For 1 to 2 people, 75 USD (one-way)
- Port: Batangas Pier 40 USD (One-way)
- Bus Terminal: Batangas Terminal 35 USD (one-way)

• When using public transportation:
From Manila Airport to Pasai LTR Vendia Bus Terminal, get on the bus to Batangas - Get off Batangas Diversion
Jeepney ride to Mabini after diver arrival - Mabini Crossing/Mabini Circle disembarkation
Ride a tricycle from the disembarkation area - Lead Marine Resort is located in the innermost part of the next alley upon arrival after requesting Nittacasapao (Lidramill Resort)

Cancellation refund policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy
If you have made a reservation through Dive BnB and then canceled it for personal reasons
60 days before tour start 45 days before tour start 30 days before tour start
30% cancellation in case of cancellation
50% cancellation in case of cancellation
100% cancellation fee in case of cancellation
(*Transferable to others)
※ Please note that this is a cancellation policy implemented by most liveaboards.
Rules for product cancellation
This product is a product that is sold after securing a room with an airline in advance.
We inform you that special terms, not standard terms, apply. In case of application of special terms,
Cancellation fees higher than the standard terms and conditions may be charged.
Please check.
Special Terms and Conditions (Special Provisions in Article 5 of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Overseas Travel)
The product is sold after paying the corresponding cost in advance, and the English name of the person making the reservation is
From the moment they apply to flights/hotels/transports, special terms and conditions apply.
※ Product cancellation must be received within the business day (Mon-Fri 09:00~18:00 / excluding public holidays).
Applications received outside of business hours are excluded from the contract cancellation notice date.
※ In case of cancellation of travel due to injury, illness, hospitalization, death, etc. before the departure date, proof of [diagnosis certificate]
Refunds are possible based on this, and please submit supporting documents within 7 days of the departure date. (only,
In the case of products to which special terms apply, there may be some non-refundable parts.)
※ Product contractors must pay cancellation fees (including travel agency personnel costs) in connection with contract cancellation.
You may request specific proof and explanation from the travel agency, and the travel agency will not provide relevant explanations and evidence.
If there is a difference between the cancellation fee regulations and the cancellation fee, it will be refunded.
However, if the penalty does not exceed 10% of the total travel cost, proof will not be presented.
Minimum number of departures
1. This program can depart when the minimum number of departures is 12 or more.
2. The Company may not use the same level of shipping company if the minimum number of event participants is not met.
There is. This must be notified to the traveler 15 days prior to the start of the trip.

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  1. ekwq2 2018-09-13
    score 4

    아닐라오는 처음이라 기대반 두근두근했는데
    정말 좋아요! 뷔페식으로 음식을 주시는데
    편히 먹기 좋구요, 정말 친절한 사장님과, 스탭분들덕분에
    좋은 추억남기고 왔습니다.

  2. 웨인루나 2018-09-01
    score 5

    리조트도 깔끔하고, 식사도 맛있고 좋았습니다.
    무엇보다 방카가 아닐라오 지역의 타 샵보다 커서 다이빙이 편했습니다.
    편하게 잘 쉬고 잘 즐기고 왔습니다!! 추천~

  3. Jjangdiver 2018-08-30
    score 4

    제일 좋았던건 마크로 잘 찾아주던 가이드였고,
    밥도 한식으로 맛있게 잘나왔던것 !
    아닐라오는 뭐 대부분 비슷하다고 봄
    그래서 마크로 잘 찾아주고 친절하다는 곳으로 ~ 좋았음
    방에서 맛사지 예약해서 받았고, 먹을것 부족하지 않게 해 주고 망고 쉐이크도 짱짱