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  1. How can I get a refund if I cancel my trip?

    If you cancel your trip, the refund will be deposited into your credit card payment account. DiveB&B requests a refund on the nearest working day, but there may be a delay while going through the payment company, credit card company, and bank.
  2. How long does it take to get a refund after cancellation?

    It will depend on the time you request cancellation, but you can usually cancel it immediately. However, if you have already paid for your card or the period has passed since the payment date, the refund may take some time. This is because it takes time to check and settle remittances between payment agencies, credit card companies, and banks.
  3. What is the cancellation fee?

    It is a platform that acts as an agent for DiveB&B reservation service, and it is a system that transfers reservations along with reservations. In this case, depending on the policy of the country and business where the shop/resort/liboard is located, a certain period of time from the reservation date will result in considerable preparation to greet the customer. In consideration of these damages, penalties are applied for cancellation of reservations. When making a reservation, please proceed with the reservation after finalizing the schedule and the number of participants.
  4. Can I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel the reservation if you register the customer center inquiry on the site and contact the customer center directly.
  5. I was asked to cancel my reservation by the resort.

    If the travel is impossible due to local circumstances (accidents, natural disasters, abnormal temperatures, accidents, etc.), or if the travel is prohibited or recommended by the government, you can receive advance guidance from the resort and the full amount of travel expenses. In this case, we will give you a full refund to your credit card payment account.
  6. Do I have to issue the ticket separately?

    We will also release a ticket-linked product in the near future.
  7. What is the package product?

    It refers to a product that has been pre-set by the service provider. It is not a count by the number of dives, but a product sold by the service provider in combination of diving, accommodation, and meals in consideration of local characteristics. In this case, it is designed to be cheaper than using individual diving products or to receive additional benefits including meals and snacks.
  8. Does the package include all usage fees?

    Even if it is a package product, it is composed of the most basic programs, and various operating programs locally, such as special program participation, distance point, national park admission fee, camera fee, and environmental protection fund, must be paid individually depending on individual participation.
  9. Can I pre-designate a specific accommodation (room)?

    It's possible only if you book the accommodation separately. For packaged products, the same class of rooms are allocated according to local circumstances, so we do not designate specific rooms or rooms. However, if you make a reservation for individual bungalows, detached houses, etc. on the room selection screen, you can use the designated room.
  10. I'd like to reschedule.

    You cannot change the schedule. In this case, you have to cancel the schedule and make a new reservation.