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  1. How can I get a refund if I cancel my trip?

    If you cancel your trip, the refund will be deposited into your credit card payment account. DiveB&B requests a refund on the nearest working day, but there may be a delay while going through the payment company, credit card company, and bank.
  2. How long does it take to get a refund after cancellation?

    It will depend on the time you request cancellation, but you can usually cancel it immediately. However, if you have already paid for your card or the period has passed since the payment date, the refund may take some time. This is because it takes time to check and settle remittances between payment agencies, credit card companies, and banks.
  3. What is the cancellation fee?

    It is a platform that acts as an agent for DiveB&B reservation service, and it is a system that transfers reservations along with reservations. In this case, depending on the policy of the country and business where the shop/resort/liboard is located, a certain period of time from the reservation date will result in considerable preparation to greet the customer. In consideration of these damages, penalties are applied for cancellation of reservations. When making a reservation, please proceed with the reservation after finalizing the schedule and the number of participants.
  4. Can I cancel my reservation?

    You can cancel the reservation if you register the customer center inquiry on the site and contact the customer center directly.
  5. I was asked to cancel my reservation by the resort.

    If the travel is impossible due to local circumstances (accidents, natural disasters, abnormal temperatures, accidents, etc.), or if the travel is prohibited or recommended by the government, you can receive advance guidance from the resort and the full amount of travel expenses. In this case, we will give you a full refund to your credit card payment account.
  6. Do I have to issue the ticket separately?

    We will also release a ticket-linked product in the near future.
  7. What is the package product?

    It refers to a product that has been pre-set by the service provider. It is not a count by the number of dives, but a product sold by the service provider in combination of diving, accommodation, and meals in consideration of local characteristics. In this case, it is designed to be cheaper than using individual diving products or to receive additional benefits including meals and snacks.
  8. Does the package include all usage fees?

    Even if it is a package product, it is composed of the most basic programs, and various operating programs locally, such as special program participation, distance point, national park admission fee, camera fee, and environmental protection fund, must be paid individually depending on individual participation.
  9. Can I pre-designate a specific accommodation (room)?

    It's possible only if you book the accommodation separately. For packaged products, the same class of rooms are allocated according to local circumstances, so we do not designate specific rooms or rooms. However, if you make a reservation for individual bungalows, detached houses, etc. on the room selection screen, you can use the designated room.
  10. I'd like to reschedule.

    You cannot change the schedule. In this case, you have to cancel the schedule and make a new reservation.
  11. Why does the unit price of the product change depending on the number of people?

    If the number of reservations is different from the number of accommodations assigned, one person will use a separate room, which may include an additional fee for one person.
  12. Where can I check the product I reserved?

    If you select "Nickname" at the top of the DiveB&B website, you can check it in "Reservation History".
  13. Can I reserve the accommodation separately?

    Yes, it's possible. In this case, you can use "Diving Choice" or "No Accommodation" products from the package.
  14. Is it possible to check in at dawn?

    Yes, it's possible depending on the resort. Usually, you can pay a separate fee to a resort that supports early check-in and late check-out in case you use a flight that arrives at dawn.
  15. Is there an additional charge for non-divers or children?

    Yes, it is. Most resorts and Lib-A-Board have separate non-diver plans. First of all, you can pay only for the diver, and if you let us know the number and age of the non-divers in the additional request, you can pay an additional fee there.
  16. Can I only use the accommodation after diving?

    It is possible. When you finish diving and want to take a local trip, you can only make a reservation for the desired date between check-in and check-out schedules. However, it is not possible to reserve the accommodation separately without diving.
  17. What is the diving option?

    "Diving Choice" refers to a service that does not use accommodation provided by a shop or resort, but uses only diving products. If you go scuba diving while traveling there, or if you use an outside accommodation or restaurant, you can use it only at the cost of diving.
  18. Can I use only diving products?

    It depends on the shop/resort. It depends on the policy operated by the shop/resort, but you can use regular diving products and one-day products that do not include accommodation.
  19. How can I exchange money?

    It's better to exchange money in currency used at the resort you reserved. US$ is usually accepted, but please refer to the "Additional Services" column on the reservation screen.
  20. Can I designate a local guide or guide in advance?

    If you are requesting a guide or a guide you know, you must request it separately from your service provider. Usually, appropriate leaders and guides are assigned in consideration of the level, experience, number of people, and number of visits. However, if you make a separate request, additional costs may be incurred, and you must make a request in advance, and the requested leader or guide may not be assigned depending on local circumstances.
  21. Can I get the contact information of the local guide or guide?

    Related information corresponds to personal information, and DiveB&B does not connect and relay it. If you leave your contact information, we can forward it to your service provider, but we do not guarantee your reply.
  22. Is the current payment currency possible in won?

    For local payment currency, please refer to the type and method of payment currency in the "Additional Services" column of the resort you reserved.
  23. Is there a minimum number of people on the Lib-Aboard?

    Due to the nature of the rib-aboard, there is a condition that if the number of guests is less than a certain number of people, they will not leave the port. However, in the case of the rib board, if the minimum number of departure personnel is not available, it will be replaced by another ship of the same schedule or the reservation will be canceled in advance according to the judgment of the service provider. In this case, we will refund the full amount of your payment.
  24. What's the difference between the guide and the guide?

    Usually, the leader (master/instructor) is involved from the start of the trip to the return, and is responsible for managing and supporting schedules for the entire trip. The guide is a person familiar with the local underwater environment and serves as a guide and leader for overall underwater activities. Usually, the leader (master/instructor) and the guide share the role of underwater safety.
  25. May I see your passport and visa agencies as well?

    DiveB&B is not involved in issuing personal passports and visas. You must check your passport with a validity period of more than 6 months before leaving the country and if you need a visa in advance when entering the travel country.
  26. Is it possible to pay with a credit card locally?

    Depends on your destination dive shop/resort/leave board. Please refer to the "Additional Services" section of the resort information page you reserved. In some cases, a credit card payment fee may be charged unlike in Korea.
  27. Can I use the boat alone?

    It's possible depending on the shop/resort. Depending on the region, you can pay a separate boat rental fee and use it alone, or you can operate a team boat in a shop/resort. In this case, an additional charge may be incurred, and you must consult in advance. Can non-divers use the boat? It's possible depending on the shop/resort. If you pay for non-divers, or use boat boarding fees, hopping packages, etc., it is possible according to the operation policy of the shop/resort However, you must consult with the service provider in advance about the additional usage fee.
  28. Can I get a refund if I can't dive?

    You can get a refund from the service provider for any services you have booked that have not been able to proceed due to local circumstances. However, if you give up using the service due to a simple change of mind of the reservation person, or if you cannot use the service due to reasons attributable to the reservation person, you cannot get a refund.
  29. Can I specify the points I want to go to in advance?

    Reservations can be made, but operational status cannot be guaranteed. Due to the nature of scuba diving, it is operated according to various variables such as local weather, birds, underwater environment, various warnings, environment, and experience of members. You can pre-assign or reserve the diving points you want, but the service provider has the authority to decide whether they are operational or not.
  30. Does the travel package include insurance?

    DiveB&B is a service relay platform operator and does not handle insurance products. However, we are planning to add related insurance products as optional products as soon as possible.
  31. Do you have a tour guide?

    Individual travel reservations are not accompanied or arranged by the leader (master/instructor). DiveB&B is a real-time reservation platform to help travelers or leaders make reservations, and the rest of the reservations are not accompanied by the leader except for the travel program developed by themselves.
  32. Why do you ask for passport information?

    You may be asked for insurance coverage from a country or service provider that operates a long-distance travel program, such as LiveAboard. DiveB&B collects and delivers it to service providers for the purpose of broadcasting diving travel services.
  33. Does it include all the expenses?

    That's not true. Reservations through DiveBNB are comprehensive reservations for major schedules, and may include additional on-site "additional diving", "specific diving points", "room upgrades and additions", "food and beverage", "national park admission fees", and "additional fees for remote points". You have to make an additional payment on site for this part.
  34. What currency should I prepare for on-site payment?

    It depends on the destination and service provider. In addition to the service you reserved, you have to pay for the additional service you used at the resort. Please refer to the topic "Payment Call" on the resort reservation screen "Additional Services".
  35. Is it possible to pay in installments?

    It is possible. Installment transactions are possible with credit cards issued in Korea. However, you cannot make installment transactions with corporate, debit, debit, or overseas credit cards.
  36. Is it possible to change the installment transaction to a lump sum payment and a lump sum payment to an installment payment?

    It's impossible. In this case, you have to cancel the reservation and proceed with the reservation again. However, if you contact the credit card company directly according to your credit card, you can exchange it. Please contact the issuing bank or credit card company customer center.
  37. How much is the installment transaction possible?

    When you pay with a credit card, you can make an installment transaction from 50,000 won or more.
  38. Can I make a reservation only with a credit card?

    Yes, it is. All payments are made based on credit cards, and in addition, we will expand and reorganize the service so that you can use account transfer and various simple payment services.
  39. Is there an additional payment fee locally after making a reservation?

    There is no additional cost other than the amount indicated on DiveB&B. However, you have to pay for the additional cost you used on the spot. Additional fees are paid locally for pickup service, accommodation upgrades, food and beverage ordered, and local payment for diving (park entrance fee, remote point service fee other than basic diving point, and other additional services and fees incurred due to local circumstances).
  40. Can I get a cash receipt for the cancellation fee?

    Cancellation fees cannot be issued with cash receipts. Travel cancellation fees are not subject to issuance under the Value-Added Tax Act and the Restriction of Special Taxation Act.
  41. Where can I get a credit card receipt?

    Credit card receipts will be sent to the email address you specified at the time of payment. If you have not specified an email or have not received it, you can print out the receipt on the credit card issuer's website.
  42. Is it possible to issue a tax invoice?

    If you pay with a credit card, you can replace it with a credit card receipt according to the law, so we do not issue a separate tax invoice.
  43. Can I use the gift certificate?

    Currently, we support traditional online payment methods and simple payment based on credit cards. We will apply for the gift certificate transaction method later.
  44. Is it possible to cancel the number of password errors?

    Please contact the credit card issuing bank or credit card company directly for this matter.
  45. Can't I pay in installments with a corporate card?

    Corporate card does not have installment payment function. However, some personalized cards among corporate cards are available.
  46. Can I pay by bank transfer?

    No. Currently, we only support payments based on credit cards. For convenience of payment, we will expand various payment methods.