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Ollegil Photo Exhibition through a cyber online gallery.open now!

Divebnb 2020.12.02 1,849

Finally, we are hosting a historic Ollegil Photo Exhibition through a cyber online gallery.  A total of 30 works of art is being exhibited at the Divebnb Gallery after a thorough and meticulous selection procedure.

Each person can only vote for two works.  One vote for a photo that shows the beautiful underwater scenery of the Jeju Sea and another vote for a photo that depicts the topography and terrain of the Jeju Island.  If you change your mind, you can always cancel and vote again.

How to vote? Simply register, log in, select two photos.  That easy!

The photos are also on display from 1st to 10th December at the upper floor of Nonghyup Jungjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si, JCube, Jeju City.  This is to give the public a chance to have a glimpse and vote for their favorite photos.  The selection and voting will continue until 10th December.

On 12 December, the culmination of the exhibit, there will be a Sunset Party at Heyseoguipo Hotel,Seogwipo, where the winners will be announced.  I will be sponsoring 6 people to join me in the party.  You can do the same, tag along your friends and let’s have fun together.  

A video exhibition will follow after this event.  Come join us and be part of this New Challenge!

New Challenge. Transparent Clear Process.
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