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DIVBNB X Spoiler X 2022 (including free invitations)

다이브비앤비 2022.02.11 141
Long time no see. Hello, we're Dive B&B. It's already the second month of 2022.You're all doing well, right?DIVB&B went from Christmas tour to Lunar New Year tour at the end of last year and returned to Korea safely.DIV B&B, who always tries new things, participated in Spoiler X as its first official event this year.Korea's largest and leading sports industry in Asia, including health/fitness, sports goods, sports facilities, sports facilities, fitness/beauty nutrition, diet, caravan, outdoor, bicycle, underwater sports, children's sports, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and DIV&B is also dreaming of becoming a leisure industryIt seeks Airbnb on the ground, and #divebnb#thecomfortabledive#ecomfortabledivefordiversontheunderwaterExperience EveB&B's world's first OTA platform for scuba divers and consult more than 350 diving resorts &live boards at once! ☑ Surprising special price benefits that can only be met during the SPOX☑레Roulette events (aboveb&B's) are available. I will upload the product list again soon. Please look forward to it. ☑전 Photo wall with partners all over the world & Photo zone with Little Mermaid, not Little Mermaid~ Photo zone with a real Little Mermaid model! Come take a picture with Little Mermaid!^^)We worked hard to prepare various products, events, etc!For those who like water, love water, prepare for the diving tour after COVID-19, and always support DiveBNB. See you at 2022 SPOX. ☺초I'm sorry that the invitation link is not uploaded, so please contact DiveBNB E-mail: marketing@divebnb.net Phone: 1670-3868.